About Mortgage Escape Australia

Our Vision

Our vision at Mortgage Escape is to empower people with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions in relation to debt management and to reach financial freedom.

Our Mission

Our mission at ME is to educate people about how loans work and how debt can be significantly reduced by implementing a well-structured, bespoke financial strategy.

Hi Im Chris

Meet Chris Rule

Hi, I’m Chris! My vast experience in the finance sector for 30+ years has taught me one very important lesson: every story is unique. No matter why you’re interested in debt reduction, I know your ultimate goal is peace of mind.

I have a passion for helping people escape debt and achieve the lifestyle they want. Mortgage Escape was established to provide tangible financial modelling, enabling people to make confident financial decisions. Stop relying on online calculators and wondering if you’ll ever be able to retire. Our simple, supportive service provides you the tools you need to make clear, confident choices.

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The History of Mortgage Escape

Mortgage Escape was created off the back of a 30+ year financial planning career, wherein, it was obvious that people did not understand how loans work or understand their opportunity to pay off debt outside of traditional mindsets.

We pride ourselves on helping people learn how to make balanced and informed decisions for themselves rather than enlisting expensive advice. Additionally, we work with employers who are driven to provide education around loans and how their employees can benefit.