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Mortgage Repayment Solutions

Before you refinance, liquidate, or make any big decisions, it is important you have a clear picture of your future financial goals. The choices you make today can affect your finances in 10, 15, or 20 years but with help from Mortgage Escape (ME), you’ll have a simple, clear plan to free up your finances.

With a background in banking and financial services, Mortgage Escape founder, Chris Rule, will help you make financial decisions with confidence. The Mortgage Escape system is Chris’ brain child, a bespoke financial solution customised to show you to the way out of mortgage debt to reach financial freedom sooner.

Money Mapping

Find out where your money is really going.


Get excited about your future freedom.


Make informed decisions from a place of strength.

Cash Flow

Implement your plan with confidence each day.

Freedom Focused Strategies, Tailored To You

What if there was a fail-safe way to pay off your mortgage sooner without sacrificing all of your favourite things? You’d jump at the opportunity, right? Our powerful modelling capabilities at Mortgage Escape gives you the exact steps to need to take to pay off your mortgage quickly. With just a few figures from you, we’ll develop a personalised plan to get you mortgage-free.

Ditch your mortgage and grow your wealth!

Don’t Let Your Mortgage Control of Your Life.

Say Goodbye To Your Mortgage

Thirty years paying off debt is a long time!

It’s great that we have the opportunity here in Australia for banks to offer credit so you can buy a home or investment property, however, paying that credit off can take ages. But, what if you could pay off your mortgage sooner? Maybe you’d go travelling, reinvest in your education, expand your investment opportunities, or perhaps even retire and take a well-earned break.

With a bespoke plan in place, paying off your mortgage (and embracing financial freedom) is within your reach. Thanks to powerful modelling capabilities, ME gives you the exact steps you need to say goodbye to your mortgage sooner.

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