Unlock Financial Freedom with a 1-Hour Money Mapping Session!

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Through the use of our proven cash flow management and money mapping processes, we can assist you in reducing your personal debt by empowering you to make clear, confident choices.

Meet Chris Rule

With over 35 years of experience in the finance sector, Chris Rule learnt a very valuable lesson: every story is unique. No matter the reason behind an interest in debt reduction (Freeing up equity, creating passive income) Chris knows that your ultimate goal is peace of mind.

With a passion for assisting people escape debt and achieve the lifestyle they desire, Chris has established Money Maze – tangible, financial modelling that helps people to make confident financial decisions. With a simple, supportive service, Money Maze and Chris provide you with the tools you require to make clear, confident choices.

What You Can Expect:

Your 1-Hour Money Mapping Session

Through a detailed assessment of your financial situation, we’ll provide you with a customised strategic brief. Our proven cash flow management and allocation processes will outline potential opportunities for you to consider.

The overriding principle behind Money Maze’s debt management program is to focus on reducing personal debt as quickly as possible.

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How Does It Work?

Step 1: Book Your Exclusive $149 1-Hour Money Mapping Session!
Unlock the path to financial freedom.

Step 2: Complete Our Mortgage Modelling Form (Sent Straight to Your Inbox)
Your journey begins with a simple form.

Step 3: Join Chris for Your 1-Hour Appointment
Discover your personalised financial strategy and gain access to exclusive resources.

  • Receive a fully customised strategic brief
  • Get the Money Maze DIY eBook
  • Access our cutting-edge wealth portal to track your financial progress in real-time

Step 4: Empower Your Financial Future with Chris’s Expert Guidance
Chris will unveil the secrets to financial success, outline your next steps, and be your trusted navigator.

Step 5: Unlock Your Dream Getaway
No strings attached! On the same day, you’ll receive your holiday accommodation voucher.

  • Choose from our list of stunning destinations
  • Your voucher is valid for up to 18 months from activation

Available Destinations

You can spend three nights in some of the most beautiful parts of Australia, and the world!

Domestic Destinations
Gold Coast
International Destinations
Bay of Plenty
Koh Samui

*Note: Destinations are subject to change.

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